One of NROOGD's first and most long running publications was "The Witches' Trine". Starting out as a typed, mimeographed sheet or two of stapled papers, it grew over the years into an eight and a half by eleven covered periodical. In its last incarnation it was a 32 page half sheet periodical that saw twelve publications before duplicating costs and low subscription rate forced it to dissolve. Perhaps we will be able to revive it here as a periodic blog...who knows.

Another very brief "rag" was "The Dirty Low Down Rag", a periodic publishing of information for the NROOGD elders.

Over the years we have been graced within the tradition with artists, scholars, and writers, all of whom have contributed to the above magazines. The information within these pages, while sometimes dated in language, still has much to offer students. The very interesting time of the late 1960s 1970s, which birthed NROOGD, was unique and of value to anyone studying the roots of religious movements and social time periods.

We also have a small body of poetry, and a great number of essays written by elders of the Tradition. I hope that you will have the opportunity to read through this amazing body of work.

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