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The following documnents are to be found in .pdf and .jpg formats. Where possible the documents were scanned into a .pdf format but some of the older material was originally scanned and saved in .jpg formats.

Please feel free to browse any of the available documents but assume that copywrite laws apply.

The CoG/NROOGD documents are some of the Covenant of the Goddess's beginning documents found in old files. This should not surprise the gentle reader as most of the founding members of this now ancient and august body were NROOGD members and elders.

The reading lists are saved from various periods in NROOGD's history from various teachers. They are interesting both for the choice of materials and the manner in which those materials change with the years. Its also interesting to note what books were considered important during what time periods.

The "Further Information" section is a gathering of teaching materials aimed at the serious seeker who would know more in general about Witchcraft and magical practice. Many of the articles are now older but they are also still valid material though some viewpoints may have changed.