The NROOGD Tradition is a relatively small group of people who have little use, at the time of the development of this set of pages, for multiple and complicated forms of communication with and among ourselves. The truth is that we are lucky that most of us finally have cell phones that we actually take with us and know how to use. About half of us are not on Facebook, and I'd wager that it would be remarkable if more than 4 of us knew how to tweet. That said the BB that has existed for sometime has almost no traffic and will probably be removed shortly due to lack of interest. All substanitive materials will be placed on this site in their proper places and we will fall back on this site and the list to keep ourselves informed.

This list is an open list that anyone is welcome to join but do not expect high volume, or gripping conversation (though it could happen if one were to drop the right words, push sufficient buttons and in general stir the pot). We use it mainly for announcments and on the rare occasion a "noob" or young aspiring up and commer, will ask an unsettling (and often unsettled)question on points of theology or practice. At that point the proverbial feces might hit the ventilator, or we might all just (gasp!) agree, at least for those who actually check their e-mail on a regular basis.

To join this venerable group of sages go to yahoo groups and look for "nroogdmain" click on the group, on the right hand side you will see "join this group". Do so and wait for the kind person who started this list to sign you up.


LINKS are in the process of being added as folks send me suggestions.